12th Exhibitions

Photography exhibition

Opening: Thursday, 6th of May 2010, 6.30pm
Ending: Wednesday, 12th of May 2010
Venue: Thessaloniki, Olympion Theater, Pavlos Zannas Hall
Title: Vandam Street

  • Photographer: Giorgio Constantine

Collective lgbti Comics exhibition

Opening: Wednesday, 28th of April 2010, 6.30pm
Ending: Wednesday, 12th of May 2010
Venue: French Institute of Thessaloniki (Stratou Ave. 2A, Thessaloniki)

Participating artists:

  • Lefteris Mavrogiannis (The extra-terrestrials)
  • Frogs and Dogs / Sofia (I am divorced)
  • Stella Papastefanou & Fotis Papastefanou (Sexual orientation)
  • Kostas Vitalis & Alexandra Karakatsani (The invalid lighter)
  • Stauroula Anthiropoulou

Individual cartoons or strips of cartoons which constitute a narrative script are accepted.
The technical and overall artistic standards of the work are the prerequisite for their selection.
Size: up to the A3 format.

Theme and style of the exhibition: related to the objectives of “Sympraxis” (see http://www.sympraxi.org).

The cartoon representations should respect the personality of gay women and men.
Thematic fields that fall within our perspectives:
e.g.: homophobia

  • within the family (parents towards children)
  • in the working reality (employers, colleagues)
  • in politics, both in central and regional administration (e.g.: the contemporary political reaction of the minister, the district attorney and the mayors regarding the issue of homosexual couples getting married)
  • in the social domain (e.g. in entertainment, in bars etc)

For the selection of the works “Sympraxis” – C. PANORAMA is responsible.
The works should be delivered in a form appropriate for hanging on or adhering to the wall (e.g. poster form etc). The artists are responsible for the transfer of their works to the exhibition hall.

Artists that wish to participate are invited to contact the PANORAMA at: cultpanorama@yahoo.gr