12th Workshops

Workshop about stories in cinema

Place: French Institute of Thessaloniki (Stratou Ave. 2A, Thessaloniki)

Wednesday, 28th of April 2010

5 pm

Type: Workshop
Title: Screening of the lesbian film “Imagine me and you” (2005, 94′). References to the lecture of dr. D. Kaklamanidou (workshop)(free admission)

7 pm

Type: Workshop
Title: “Workshop about stories in cinema” (free admission), N. Hatzitrifon: “Expectation of the workshop. The results of a rough research about the premise of a story in lgbti films”, D. Kaklamanidou: “When Allegra met Grace: Homosexuality in the new millennium romantic comedy”

Wednesday, 5th of May 2010

7 pm

Type: Workshop
Title: “Workshop about stories in cinema” (free admission), Fotis Simeonidis: “Re-reading Angelos”, Christina Adamou: “Pedro Almodovar: Dissolving the borders of the genders”

Sunday, 9th of May 2010

1 pm

Type: Master class
Title: with french director Vincent Dieutre (free admission)

Within the framework of the Thessaloniki’s 12th LGBTI Cultural Panorama (Thessaloniki, April-May 2010) a workshop (in 3 afternoons x 2h) is organized  with the title “Workshop about stories in cinema” which aims to depict and outline the interests as well as the problems regarding Homosexuality, Bisexuality, Transexuality and Intersexuality. Another focal point of discussion is the individual and social homophobia.

The respective scripts, which will be submitted, are to be evaluated from the committee on the basis of their overall articulation and then they will be posted on our website. A number of selected scripts will be presented in the Workshop (their authors will have the chance to discuss them with the participants).

Script writers who wish to submit their scripts are kindly invited to send until the 31 of January 2010, the following to the Thessaloniki’s 12th lgbti Cultural Panorama :

  1. a brief summary and
  2. a brief CV with their contact details (e-mail, phone numbers etc)

Following the selection of the summary, the writers should send the full text of the script (all writers are kindly reminded to protect their copyright by the usual legal means).

Information: Thessaloniki’s 12th lgti Cultural Panorama (Nikos Hatzitrifon, e-mail: cultpanorama@yahoo.gr, mob.: +30 6999 249614)

Organization: “Society for the Gender and the Sexuality” (omilosfylou@yahoo.gr)