19th Thessaloniki International LGBTIQ Film Festival

Gender & Visibility


FRIDAY, 29/9/2017,  7pm

  • HISTORY OF OTHER TOUCHES. Film Dir.: Marianna Papageorgiou. Greece, 2016. 3min, GAY
  • I AM ISAK (documentary) . Film Dir.: Tony Zosherafatain. Norway/ USA. 2017. 21min. TRANS. Language: Norwegian.
  • TANGO QUEERIDO (documentary). Film Dir. Liliana Furió. Αργεντινή, 2016. 60min, LGBTI. Language: Spain, English, German.

Q & A with: Film Dir. Tony Zosherafatain (“I AM ISAK ”), Film Dir. Liliana Furió & producer August Julie (“TANGO QUEERIDO»).

Discussion about Tango with the dance teacher – choreograph Mrs. Avgi Progidi.


FRIDAY, 29/9/2017,  9pm

(free entrance)

OFFICIAL OPENING & happening with percussion instruments

  • MEMORY OF YOU, Film Dir.: Nils Janlert. Sweden 2015. 12min, GAY. Language: Swedish.
  • ONE DEEP BREATH. Film Dir.: Antony Hickling. France 2015. 56min, BISEXUALITY. Language: French.
  • ARIF – MY KITE IN A HURRICANE. Film Dir.: Bastian Lorig. Germany, 2017. 22min. GAY / IMMIGRATION. Language: English, German.

Q & A with Film Dir. Bastian Lorig (“ARIF – MY KITE IN A HURRICANE “) and the contributors Verena Busche, Sahin Sezgin, Laurenz Wiegand, Nora Backhaus, Leonie Sattler.


SATURDAY, 30/9/2017,  7pm

  • MY PIECE OF HAPPINESS. Film Dir.: Coen Haver. Κάτω Χώρες, 2016. 6min, LESBIAN. Language: Dutch.
  • DOVE. Film Dir.: Konstantinos Chaliasas. Greece, 2016. 17min, LESBIAN. Language: Greek, Subtitles: Greek.
  • BEYOND PINK AND BABY BLUE (documentary). Film Dir.: Marcus G. Preis. Germany, 2016. 67min.TRANS. Language: German.

Q & A with Film Dir. Marcus Preis (“BEYOND PINK AND BABY BLUE»).


SATURDAY, 30/9/2017,  9pm

  • FIGURE. Film Dir.: Simon Savory. France, 2017. 5min. BISEXUALITY. Language: –
  • SAFE ZONE. Film Dir.: Hans Lein. Βέλγιο, 2016. 9min. GAY/ IMMIGRATION. Language: Turkish.
  • APRICOT GROVES. Film Dir.: Pouria Heidary Oureh. Armenia, 2016. 79min. TRANS. Language: Armenian.

Q & A with Tasos Zarifis (Society for Transgender Support): “ Transgender men”) 


SUNDAY, 1/10/2017,  6pm

(free entrance)

  • CONTAGIOUS. Film Dir.: Jenny Larsson. Sweden 2016. 14min, LESBIAN. Language: Swedish.
  • A WONDERFUL AFFAIR (documentary). Film Dir.: Tahir Ün. Turkey, 2017. 5 min. TRANS. Language: Turkish, Kurdish.

Q & A with Film Dir. / journalist Mr. Bin Chen: “Human Rights”.


SUNDAY, 1/10/2017,  7pm

  • THAT ROAD. Film Dir.: Rafael Ramos. Brazil, 2016. 15min, GAY. Language: Portuguese.
  • SISAK. Film Dir.: Faraz Arif Ansari. India, 2017. 15min, GAY. Language: –
  • HOMØE: LOOKING FOR SHELTER (documentary). Film Dir.: Bin Chen. Germany,2017. 60min. GAY/ IMMIGRATION. Language: German, English.
  • Q & A with Film Dir. Bin Chen (“HOMØE: LOOKING FOR SHELTER“).


SUNDAY, 1/10/2017,  9pm

  • MUM, I’M BACK. Film Dir.: Dimitris Katsimiris. Greece, 2017. 5min. TRANS. Language: Greek, Subtitles: Greek.
  • THE CONFESSION. Film Dir.: Hsuan-Chi Kuo. Taiwan, 2016. 25min, GAY/ CHILDREN. Language: Chinese.
  • THE POTENTIAL FOR BEAUTY. Film Dir.: Marc Petzke. Australia / USA, 2016. 60min, GAY Language: English.

Q & A with Film Dirέτη Marc Petzke (“THE POTENTIAL FOR BEAUTY “).


MONDAY, 2/10/2017,  7pm

  • EVEN LOVERS GET THE BLUES. Film Dir.: Laurent Micheli. Belgium, 2016., 95min, BISEXUALITY. Language: French.

Discussion with Mrs. Maria Serifi, Clinical psychologist – psychotherapist (MSc): “An International Seminar for the «Youth Rainbow».


MONDAY, 2/10/2017,  9pm

  • PINK. Film Dir.: Dan Davis. UK, 2016. 3min, TRANS. Language: English.
  • ONE SOMMER NIGHT. Film Dir.: Kim Hun. Rep. of Korea , 2016. 97min, GAY. Language: Korean [only for adults].


THUSDAY 3/10/2017,  7pm

  • REBIRTH. Film Dir.: Gokce Oraloglu & Zehra Gokcimen. Turkey, 2017. 4min. TRANS. Language: –
  • JUNITO. Film Dir.: Adriana González-Vega. Puerto Rico, 2017. 12min, GAY / FAMILY. Language: Spain.
  • THE GIRL. Film Dir.: Petar Minov. Βουλγαρία, 2017. 10min. TRANS. Language: Bulgarian.
  • THE MASTERFUL HERMIT. Film Dir.: Reg Noyes. UK, 2015. 35min, LESBIAN. Language: English.
  • ACROSS GENDER (documentary) . Film Dir.: Anouk Houtman. Netherlands / Indonesia, 2016. 24min, TRANS. Language: Indonesian, English.

Q & A with Film Dir. Anouk Houtman (“ACROSS GENDER “).


THUSDAY 3/10/2017,  9pm

(free entrance)

  • MARZIPAN FLOWERS. Film Dir.: Adam Kalderon. Israel, 2014. 75min. TRANS. Language: Hebrew.
  • THE CENTER: WHAT TO DO WITH THE SILENCE, Film Dir.: Eddy Ballardi. Germany / Namibia, 2014. 24min, LESBIAN. / IMMIGRATION. Language: English & Africaans.

Q & A with the producer – script writer Naomi Beukes-Meyer (“THE CENTER: WHAT TO DO WITH THE SILENCE“).





24min, NL-ID, trans.

What is it like being transgender in Yogyakarta? There is no single answer to this question. This film aims to show different ways of negotiating visibility in the Indonesian society when one ‘crosses gender’. The difficulty of this negotiation becomes apparent through the anti-LGBT sentiments and actions in early 2016.



79min, AM, trans.

Aram, the Iranian Armenian youth who has immigrated to the US in childhood returns to Armenia for the first time to propose to an Armenian girlfriend Aram met and lived with in the US. Aram sees many cultural, religious, and national differences on the one day trip, but harder obstacles are ahead.



22min, DE, gay.

Arif is living in Berlin. Quite soon news from his home and events here in Berlin bring him and his life into turmoil. The fresh love for Leon is put to a hard trial and Arif makes a decision that will change the lives of the two men.



67min, DE, trans.

Children have a sense of their own gender identity long before they enter puberty. Sophia, 6, and Nuka 13, are good examples, because at the age of 2 they knew that they were transgender. Fortunately, their parents took them seriously when they said their felt gender roles did not match their bodies. By talking to children, parents, teachers and doctors, this documentary tries to discuss what families, the environment, education and society in general can do to help transgender children to live without suppression.



14min, SW, lesbian.

Dani’s life is perfect. She has great friends, great confidence and a newfound love. But one day everything changes. She faces new and tough daily routines as well as betrayal and ignorance.



17min, GR, lesbian.

“Dove” is about two souls, united by chance, who are desperate to conquer true love, marching through hell.



95min, BE, gay.

Ana is sleeping with Hugo, Dalhia with Graciano, Léo with Louis, and Arthur with everyone. Parties and love affairs lead to heart searching, deep desires and the craving to live life to the full. Even Lovers Get the Blues draws the portrait of the love and sexual lives of disenchanted and passionate young people.



5min, FR, bisexual.

A three way relationship expands and contracts. An exploration of dance, physical expression, friendship and polyamory on the outskirts of Paris.



3min, GR, gay.

The last dinner of two young men. One of them doesn’t know it’s the last one.


HOMØE Looking For Shelter

60min, DE, gay – trans.

In West Germany, gay refugee Javid from Azerbaijan starts a campaign to call for more attention to LGBTI rights after he made a suicide attempt in refugee camp. Meanwhile in the South, Boris from Russia moves into Germany’s first shelter for LGBTI refugees, but he suffers from depression due to the complicated asylum procedure. And in the North transgender Melissa from Syria encourages other refugees in her own artistic way.



21min, NO, trans.

I am Isak is a captivating documentary short about Isak, a young trans man living in Norway. From past to present, Isak’s story explores the physical, emotional, and social implications of transitioning. It combines cultural context with firsthand storytelling to explore what it means to be trans: do you have to forget your past to become the gender you were meant to be? I am Isak delves deeply into one trans man’s transition, while exploring the larger societal issues of transphobia, family isolation, and discrimination against trans people.



12min, PR, gay.

The film is to promote the acceptance and tolerance of all kinds of people in Puerto Rico and Latin American countries where the LGBT community is still marginalized and humiliated. The narrative provides a space for the relatives of a LGBT individual where they can express their feelings and difficulties that they face.



78min, IL, trans.

“Marzipan Flowers” tells the story of Hadas, a 48-year-old woman living in a southern Israeli kibbutz. After her husband is killed in a motorcycle accident, Hadas is scrutinized by her friends and neighbors in the Kibbutz, who feel threatened by her new “martial status” as a beautiful widow. Lost and vulnerable, she decides to move to the big city. There, Hadas finds unexpected help and support from her new roommate, Petel, a transgender woman with a mysterious and colorful past. The two form an unusual friendship and soon discover they have much more in common than they imagined.



11min, SW, gay.

Adam is going with his wife, when he is disrupted by something from his past. A story about a love that never was.



5min, GR, trans.

A woman returns, after 40 years, to the village where she was born. The cause is the death of her mother. She keeps an old photograph in her hands: a mother with her two sons. Arriving at the cemetery, she encounters the faces of all those she left behind.



6min, NL, lesbian.

My Piece of Happiness tells the story of two women, who have secretly been in love for years. Now, the time has come to inform their families.



56min, FR, gay

Maël griefs the loss of his partnerMaël tries hard to cope with his partner Adam’s suicide as well as their troubled past together. Patricia, also one of Adam’s lovers, gets herself into danger in her attempt to help Maël in his grief.



97min, KOR, gay

Yong-joon and Tae-gyu, a young military coulpe in Seoul, have to deal with an impending 21-month separation as Tae-gyu must begin his obligatory military service. Another man enters the picture, a North Korean defector and Yong-joon’s ex, a fact he tries to hide from Tae-gyu. Meanwhile, Yong-joon also needs to find the means to pay off a man, whose son lost his eye due to an accident caused by Yong-joon.



3min, UK, lesbian.

A film about old age and about remembering the lives we’ve lived. About love and the moments in time that stay with us forever. Set in both the present day United Kingdom and 1940’s Iran, Pink explores the secrets of a Grandmother and a life seemingly forgotten.



4min, TR, trans.

“A dance ritual which turns into recreation of the self. “Transformation is a dance ritual. With every move you are born again. With every little step, you cut the umbilical cord. With every turn, you create a new shell. “



9min, BE, gay.

‘ Safe Zone ‘ focuses on the brief moment after hearing a dreaded message; the death of a loving son. In an emotional rollercoaster feelings, memories and reality rage through the mind of Meral, the mother of Kemal. She realizes she has lost Kemal.



15min, IN, gay.

Sisak is likely to strike a chord on an individual and interpersonal level, regardless of whether the story is one that seems plausible in one’s own life. A return to the unspoken, unsaid and universal expressions of love, on the path of subtlety and humanity, Sisak is the result of the belief that if love knows no bounds, it need not be bound with words, either.



60min, AR, LGBTI

This is a work done from within the international queer tango movement.

We would like to share this work where we portray another way of interpreting this marvelous Rioplatense dance that spread throughout the world. Showing the paradox of how tango, a dance so traditional and macho, has given the collective LGTTB a tool of communication, containment and unequaled political struggle, appropriating it, but breaking with that fixation of roles that limited it.



15min, gay.

Omar gives up going to a job interview in Manaus and decides to embark on a road trio with strangers. On a day when all sounds tedious and pragmatic, it seems to be the road the only way to Omar to seek courage and answers to one life in the city that does not satisfy him anymore.



24, DE-NAM, lesbian.

In What to do with the Silence, an African woman living in Berlin, tries hard to forget the deep and devastating experience that sent her reeling from a settled life in Nambia to running a resource center for immigrant women in the German capital city. Now another tragic event, and her growing feelings for a young female doctor, threaten to break open old wounds from which she’s not sure she could ever recover.



25, TW, gay.

Yan-Ming and Shao-An are best friends that shares a very different personalities yet complement each other. One weak and the other strong, one quiet and the other one active. They have a strong bonding although they are not blood related. Ath the age where they explore love for the first time, Shao-An fell in love with a girl – Yu-Xuan. When Yan-Ming found out this, he was jealous and didn’t want to share Shao-An to anyone. This leads to their brotherhood into an unexpected challenge.



10min, BU, trans.

An ambulance is called at a deserted quarry to take the body of a drowned girl. The youngest medic confronts his two older colleagues for their inhuman behavior but an unexpected discovery is about to reveal his own cruelty.



35min, UK, lesbian.

‘The only thing that kept her going, that made the future worth waiting for, was her persistent faith that true love eventually finds us all.’

As Christina attends her farewell party, excited to be flying off around the world the very next day, she is shocked to discover a blast from the past has tracked her down: Christina hasn’t seen Enid for over a year, since they spent an unexpected afternoon together, both on the verge of falling in love. 

As Christina and Enid ditch the party to spend the evening together we go back to the day they first met and that significant walk to the lighthouse they took, as Enid hopes beyond hope that Christina will finally choose her and not to get on that plane.



60min, USA, gay.

Two brothers struggle to deal with the strict expectations laid out by their parents.



5min, TR, trans.

Harika is a child whose Kurdish family was set refuge from Siirt to Manisa at the end of 1980’s. With hiw own words, he is a transsexual feeling female spirit in his own body since earlychildhood. He lives in Izmin since 2000 and makes a living by prostitution.