About Us

The “Thessaloniki International LGBTΙQ Film Festival” is organized by the society “SYMPRAXI – Partnership for Gender Issues” and the «Thessaloniki International Film Festival».

The Festival aims to
   ✓ Get us in touch with the international LGBTΙQ cinema and the ideas and subjects on which each film focuses.
   ✓ To bring together all the parts that are concerned with the LGBTΙQ cinema and issues.
Thus more contact and communication can be achieved. This coexisting and diffusion takes place successfully every year.

Short and long films are screened and there is an audience award for the best film.

Parallel events:

  •    • discussions with the invited directors, researchers and spokesmen
  •    • art exhibitions
  •    • parties
  •    • happenings

Venue of the Festival is the Cinema Museum of Thessaloniki-Cinémathèque, in the Port area.

Our long term goal is to contribute to the effort to end all discrimination against LGBTΙQ people.


* “Thessaloniki International LGBTΙQ Film Festival” takes place since 1999 with the cooperation and support from the “International Thessaloniki Film Festival”.