Our Team

The Festival organization join:
Members of “SYMPRAXI-Partnership for Gender Issues” (*)

Nikos Chatzitrifon (dr. civil engineer, em. Dir./Ministry of Culture and Athletics, head of “Sympraxi”, general coordination & supervision of the Festival)

Odysseas Anastasopoulos (psychologist MSc, cashier of “Sympraxi”– coordinator, film evaluator)

Maria Efthimiadou (member of “Sympraxi”, secretarial support)

Spiros Varveris (member of “Sympraxi”, parallel events)

Persons of a wide field of interests and occupations: secretaries, translators, spokespersons, historians of arts, linguists, psychologists, economists, scientists of Political and Social Sciences, graphic designers.

(*) “Sympraxi – Partnership for Gender Issues” is a non-profit society with its main base in Thessaloniki that takes action aiming at:

– Advancing Fine Arts (including cinema) and Human Sciences, as far as these are related with sexual orientation and gender behavior.

– Promoting desires, needs, requests and rights, which are related to sexual orientation and the gender of humans and social categories.

– Developing human values of substantial political equality of people in issues of freedom of expression of thought and feelings, especially of those, which are related to love, sexuality and gender.

“Sympraxi” focuses on occupation with parameters that suspend or restrain institutionally the rights in sexual expression and on parameters that limit the social functions of genders..

The main annual action of “Sympraxi” is the “Thessaloniki International LGBTIQ Film Festival”, in cooperation with the “International Thessaloniki Film Festival”.
It also conducts:

  •    • Day conferences, lectures and discussions,
  •    • Social investigations,
  •    • Book publications on homo-/bisexuality and trans issues,
  •    • Art exhibitions.